We provide comprehensive care, diagnosis and monitoring


Hi, I’m Dr. Doran: I’m a Duke trained practicing cardiologist. I wanted to do my part in helping patients as well as colleagues who are battling Covid-19. My passion is using new technologies (such as telemedicine and virtual monitoring) to provide high quality, compassionate care.


We provide: consultations, follow up visits, monitoring, and prescription refills

Please contact us if you’d like to become a patient, help, or need care but don’t have enough resources.




Our team is dedicated to making sure you have the best care available during these difficult times. We offer tele-consultations, screening, and monitoring.

Care by Professionals You Can Trust

Phone visits for exiting patients who need refills or have questions/health needs

Telemedicine visit, holistic health recommendations and care and treatment

Self quarantined? We offer health monitoring options


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